Bharat Vidyalaya Kelavani Mandal

Mahesh Karadia (President)
Mobile: 0091 9979 710627 (India)
Mobile: 0044 7801 882674 (International)

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Bharat Vidyalaya Karadi High & Higher Secondary Section

Prabhatsinh (Principal)
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Bharat Vidyalaya Karadi Primary Section

Office: 0091 2637 263278

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Our brief history & vision

In 1919 after the Jalianwala massacre, Mahatma Gandhi encouraged the Indian people to rise against the British Raj. On 10th June 1920 Gandhiji announced the boycott of government run schools and colleges. Thousands left schools and decided to join the struggle for independence. At this time in 1921 people of Karadi decided to establish a Rashtriya Shala to break away from the British run government schools. In 1928 Manibhai Patel a graduate from the Gujarat Vidyapith was appointed as the School’s headmaster. Manibhai was a follower of Shri Aurobindo and a true Gandhian who was jailed many a times by the British.

In 1930 Gandhiji began his salt protest against the British and marched to Dandi. After his protest in Dandi, Gandhiji with more than 80 of his aides and supporters came to Karadi. Our school became their home and Gandhiji from his hut under a mango tree, wrote a letter to the Viceroy of his intentions to protest at the salt works at Dharasana. From here with the help of the local independence fighters he organised meetings in the surrounding areas and encouraged people to fight against the British rule. Support for Gandhiji was overwhelming and he declared that Karadi was to become his permanent address. But after living for only 22 days in Karadi, he was arrested by the British on the midnight of 5th May 1930 and sent to prison in Yarvada.

His encouragement lingered on and protests against the rule continued. In 1935 our School was named Bharat Vidyalaya Karadi by Chhote Sardar Dr.Chandulal Desai. In 1942, one particular protest became unbearable to the British led soldiers and three people from the area lost their lives and became martyrs at a shooting by the soldiers in Matvad. Our schooubd`l was given permission to extend education upto SSC level in 1948 and was run independently till 1959. Those who studied in our school are scattered around the globe today. Thanks to the vision and sacrifice of our elders.

In recent years the condition of our aged buildings had deteriorated and the standard of education had become poor. To enhance both these, we embarked on a project to build new buildings for the schools and to instill a standard of education that met the needs of present times.

After travelling to South Africa, Canada and New Zealand we were able obtain more land needed for the project. Members of the Prema Panchia family now living in South Africa and New Zealand donated their land for the cause. Also Girishbhai Dayal now living in Canada gave away his piece of land for the project. Their valuable donations boosted our project. We started building in early 2006 and completed the construction within ten months. Gujarat Chief Minister Shri Narendrabhai Modi officially performed the opening ceremony of our schools on 27th December 2006 amidst more than 10000 people including hundreds of NRI's who had come specially for the occasion. The new buildings have been funded by ex-students and well wishers living in UK, Canada, America, New Zealand, South Africa, Fiji and India making this an international project.

With globalisation in mind, our schools today are equipped with the latest equipment to provide better education to the children of Kantha Vibhag. The computer lab consists of 21 laptop computers and a lcd projector. We have also installed wireless broadband to help our pupils surf the net. A large modern library with comfortable seating has also been provided. Our school has also been granted permission to teach Science in 11th & 12th Standards. Three fully equipped laboratories for Physics, Chemistry and Biology have also been provided and new teachers recruited.

The School also has a kitchen and dining hall. Afternoon meals are provided to Primary School children. We also have a good sized swimming pool, an amphitheatre to accommodate 800 children and a specially designed classroom to teach Music.

Our old Kasturba Balvadi has been re-decorated with Disney characters and turned into an English Medium Nursery. Manibhai Smruti Bhavan has also been fully refurbished and decorated with colourful Disney characters and religious pictures. The ground floor is used as a Junior English Medium Kindergarten and the first floor is being used as a Senior English Medium Kindergarten. New teachers have also been recruited.

Our old High School buildings has been converted to provide accommodation to those boys and girls admitted to our hostel. Extra curricular activities like Yoga, Music and coaching classes are also being provided free of cost.

We would like to thank all those who have helped, donated and contributed generously to this worthy project. We hope our joint efforts will not only help provide better education for children of Kantha Vibhag but will also help in making better citizens of tomorrow.

Mahesh Karadia

Mahesh Karadia
Bharat Vidyalaya Kelavani Mandal Karadi

Hut under a mango tree