Bharat Vidyalaya Kelavani Mandal

Mahesh Karadia (President)
Mobile: 0091 9979 710627 (India)
Mobile: 0044 7801 882674 (International)

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Bharat Vidyalaya Karadi High & Higher Secondary Section

Prabhatsinh (Principal)
Mobile: 0091 9879 168457
Office: 0091 2637 223606

Bharat Vidyalaya Karadi Primary Section

Office: 0091 2637 263278

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These are some frequently asked questions which people have asked. Please click on the link below to view.

Is the Karadi School Gujarati Medium or English Medium?

Bharat Vidyalaya Karadi has five sections. Three in Gujarati Medium and two in English Medium.
Gujarati Medium Primary Section from Std 1 to Std 7.
Gujarati Medium High School from Std 8 to Std 10 and Higher Secondary from Std 11 to Std 12.
English Medium Pre-Primary. Nursery, Junior KG and Senior KG.
English Medium Std 1 and Std 2. (Std 1 started June 2008 and Std 2 started June 2009. A new class is being started every year and will continue till Std 12)


Can children from any village study in Karadi School?

Yes all children are welcome to study in Karadi School.


Does the school have computers and internet facilities?

Our school has a fully airconditioned and carpeted computer room with an lcd projector for simultaneous learning, 21 laptop computers, all wi-fi and broadband facility.


Does the school have a library?

Our school has a large fully airconditioned and carpeted library with a full time librarian and comfortable seating. All our books are barcoded including membership.


How many teachers do you have in the school?

We have a total of 37 teachers, 2 clerks and 3 peons. (15 privately paid teachers and 25 government paid teachers)


Can teachers from overseas come and teach in the Karadi School?

Teachers from overseas are most welcome to come and teach in Karadi on a voluntary basis. Those interested should contact Mahesh Karadia on 0044 7801 882674 or by email