Bharat Vidyalaya Kelavani Mandal

Mahesh Karadia (President)
Mobile: 0091 9979 710627 (India)
Mobile: 0044 7801 882674 (International)

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Bharat Vidyalaya Karadi High & Higher Secondary Section

Prabhatsinh (Principal)
Mobile: 0091 9879 168457
Office: 0091 2637 223606

Bharat Vidyalaya Karadi Primary Section

Office: 0091 2637 263278

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Facilities - Hostel

Bharat Vidyalaya Karadi's Hostel

After re-locating our hostel to the old High School buildings and Geeta Sanskar Bhuvan last year ( 2007/8), further work has been carried out to provide better accomodation to the boarders. 125 bunk beds were purchased. Last year we built two sheds, one in the front and the other at the back with washing facilities. Part of it was block paved. Ten new toilets with a septic tank have been built in the boys section. Two new septic tanks have been built in the girls section. The old boys toilets have been converted to showers for girls and a wall seperating the boys and girls section has been built. All the backside of the old school building has also been block paved. A 4ft wide pathway leading to the main gate has been block paved. Drainage pipes have also been laid to dispose off used water into the khanjan.

In year 2008/9 there were 236 boys and girls living in the hostel.

In year 2009/10 there were 220 boys and girls living in the hostel.

This year 2010/11 there are 235 boys and girls living in the hostel.

Admission in the hostel is given to boys and girls studying in Gujarati Medium only. Boarding and lodging fees charged.

Primary Std 5-7  
First Term 2500
Second Term 2500
Secondary  Std 8-10  
First Term 3500
Second Term 3500
Higher Sec Std 11-12  
First Term 4000
Second Term 4000