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Laser machine

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  • Product name:ETCHING MACHINE
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  • Shelf time:2018-10-09
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Etching machine is one of the important equipments of the laser production line. The machine body of DYM etching machine is advantageous to operate, and The inner structure of the etching machine is similar with the imported machine, totally 6 lines spray nozzles on both right and lift side,(etching liquid have 4 lines and water have 2 lines). the linearity of nozzles is high precision, to ensure the sector in one face. PLC controlled, and Touch screen operation system, so easy and friendly operate.

The filter System technology of etching machine is from Germany, and filter effect is very good that ensure spray nozzles to avoid jam and work well for long time, and at the same time the hydraulic pipe installs Germany device, to make sure the sector can be started and stopped very quickly, ensure the equality of etching and Improving effects of etching. Lowering liquid waste; The slot body liquid are used for reverse turning block device, and located in the bottom of slot body, easily to control; so the liquid cycle time is 5 seconds. in this way we can save 20%-30% etching solution than Germany machine.

Operation convenience

Short time of The sector formation constringency

High speed The liquid cycle time

Desirable filter effects

Sector size, fog turns form and pressure can be adjusted Continuously.

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