Bharat Vidyalaya Kelavani Mandal

Mahesh Karadia (President)
Mobile: 0091 9979 710627 (India)
Mobile: 0044 7801 882674 (International)

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Bharat Vidyalaya Karadi High & Higher Secondary Section

Prabhatsinh (Principal)
Mobile: 0091 9879 168457
Office: 0091 2637 223606

Bharat Vidyalaya Karadi Primary Section

Office: 0091 2637 263278

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Our education committee is called Bharat Vidyalaya Kelavani Mandal. The committee consists of members not only from Karadi but the whole of Kantha Vibhag. Click on the link below to view our committee.

Role Name Location (Gaam) Email Address
President Maheshbhai Hirabhai Karadia Karadi (UK)
Vice President Ganeshbhai Lalabhai Patel Karadi -
Secretary Devabhai Dajibhai Patel Karadi -
Joint Secretary / Principal High School Prabhatsinh R.Thakor Karadi
Treasurer Dipakbhai C.Patel Karadi -
Committee Members Prahladbhai Harishchandra Patel Samapur -
Committee Members Narendrabhai Lallubhai Patel Karadi -
Committee Members Vijaybhai Maganbhai Patel Matvad -
Committee Members Jayantibhai Rathod Matvad -
Committee Members Bharatbhai Nanubhai Patel Karadi -
Committee Members Sunilbhai Laxmanbhai Patel Bodali -
Committee Members Maganbhai Parbhubhai Patel Avda Falia -
Committee Members Kalpanaben Prakashbhai Patel (Sarpanch) Karadi -
Committee Members Arvindbhai Hirabhai Patel Karadi -
Committee Members Kanubhai Jerambhai Pate Karadi -
Principal Primary School Sagarbhai Tandel Karadi
Trustee Members Lallubhai Dahyabhai Patel Karadi -
Trustee Members Ranchhodbhai Chhanabhai Patel Karadi (UK) -
Co-opt Members Maganbhai Patel Samapur -
Co-opt Members Babubhai Ramabhai Patel Karadi (UK)
Co-opt Members Dayalbhai Bhanabhai Patel Karadi -
Co-opt Members Chhibubhai Ravjibhai Patel Machhad -
Co-opt Members Mohanbhai Dhirubhai Patel Matwad -
Trustees Lallubhai Dahyabhai Patel Karadi -
Trustees Ranchhodbhai Chhanabhai Patel Karadi (UK) -
Trustees Hirabhai M.Koshia Avda Falia (NZ) -
Trustees Maganbhai Bhanabhai Karadia Karadi (UK) -
Trustees Lakhabhai Pema Karadi (SA) -