Bharat Vidyalaya Kelavani Mandal

Mahesh Karadia (President)
Mobile: 0091 9979 710627 (India)
Mobile: 0044 7801 882674 (International)

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Bharat Vidyalaya Karadi High & Higher Secondary Section

Prabhatsinh (Principal)
Mobile: 0091 9879 168457
Office: 0091 2637 223606

Bharat Vidyalaya Karadi Primary Section

Office: 0091 2637 263278

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About Us

We at Bharat Vidyalaya Karadi are committed to provide a standard of education that would develop and strengthen the characters of our pupils making them compassionate, loving and caring citizens of tomorrow.

Every pupil will be offered support and encouragement to develop their fullest potential and will be groomed to meet the challenges of the rapidly changing global environment.

The school's vision to instill good moral values in its pupils  will serve as a beacon in the challenging and fruitful years ahead.

Mahesh Karadia

Mahesh Karadia
Bharat Vidyalaya Kelavani Mandal Karadi